Terms of use

By their very nature digital files are easy to duplicate, share and distribute. This means that once a digital photo has been transmitted to you, the customer, in general it is not possible to return or exchange that purchase. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCL) provides a variety of media and functionality for distributing your digital images:

Purchasing digital photos

By purchasing digital photos through a photo kiosk and outside of a photo package you are agreeing to purchase this image, removing the security watermark and making it available through the Onboard Download service for immediate download to your Internet enabled mobile device. This action cannot be undone or changed, therefore sales are final.

Onboard download

On ships with the Onboard Download service, after you purchase the image or “add photo to USB” using the photo kiosk you will be able to download that photo via the onboard website. Photos can only be downloaded to an internet enabled portable device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) while you are onboard the ship. Once photos are downloaded from the Onboard Download website, no refunds for the picture or package will be allowed either onboard or shore side.

A privacy code is provided to each cabin for the duration of the cruise so that guests and family members can access photos via the Onboard Download service. Guests and family members with access to the photo kiosk should not share this privacy code with anyone else and are solely responsible for the security of the access code(s) provided.

Post cruise download (cloud website)

On ships with the Photo Cloud Service available, guests will receive an email post cruise within 7 days of cruise-end advising guests to download photos. Guests are responsible for providing correct email details onboard to receive an account activation email and access their photos. Upon receipt of the activation email, guests will be asked to create a secure password for their photo account that will be used to access their online account. Guests are responsible for keeping their password safe and if forgotten it can be easily re-set via the website.

You must sign into the website within 14 days of receiving the email to verify and select photos. If there are missing or corrupt photos, please contact Customer Service at the numbers below within the 14-day period. If no contact is made with Customer Service within 14 days of debarkation, any qualification for a full or partial refund is void and photos from onboard the ship cannot be recovered.

Customer Service Numbers

Royal Caribbean International 1-800-256-6649
Celebrity Cruises 1- 844-418-6824

Joining staterooms / Kiosk accounts

Joining staterooms / cabins photos into 1 account is only available by request once a package is purchased and provided you have children under 21 in the stateroom you wish to join to your account. Anyone else over 21 in the adjoining stateroom will not be on the guest profile. Guests must specifically request the joining of staterooms to a member of staff in ships photo gallery. Otherwise, guests must purchase a separate photo package for the additional staterooms.

Digital photo resolution

Digital photos are provided in resolutions that provide 300 dpi printing quality and with aspect ratios that are optimized to be printed as 6x8 or 8x10 sizes depending on the photo event. Changing an image to a different aspect ratio may cause cropping of borders and a loss of detail. Standard JPEG photo compression is used to minimize file sizes while keeping quality high. Photos may range in megabyte size from 1MB to 6MB depending on the photo event and color detail contained in the image.

Checking Your photos

Guests must check the images on the cloud account within 14 days of debarkation to verify and select photos. If there are missing or damaged photos, please contact Customer Service within the 14 days. If no contact is made via Customer Service within 14 days of debarkation, any qualification for a full or partial refund is void, and photos from onboard the ship cannot be recovered.

Borders and templates

All digital and print photos are supplied in the same format as seen onboard in print or digital form. If a photo has a border on the kiosk, then that same photo on your account or in print format will also have a border. There is currently no option available to remove or change borders, templates or overlays.

What is not included in digital packages:

Photos of others in your party not staying in your stateroom, unless it is your children under 21, where you have specifically requested that cabins be joined and where this has been provided to you.

Group photos, weddings, Quinces, private portraiture and other special occasion photography services.

Generic stock shot photos of the ship, characters, ports of call or any photos that don’t contain a member within your stateroom or immediate family (children under 21).

Some activity photos where separate photo or video options exist.

Specialty Shoots and Private Portraiture Services

Any digital or print products from specialty shoots will not be part of the USB, CD or Print packages offered in the photo gallery. These items are subject to a separate purchase, details are available from the photo gallery.

Products delivered post cruise

All items delivered post-cruise from our shoreside fulfillment companies should be checked for quality upon receipt. Products can take 6-8 weeks for delivery. Any concerns should be addressed within 28 days of receipt of the product and submitted to Customer Service.

Contact with Customer Service must be made no later than 3 months from the disembarkation date of the cruise for any refund to be considered for any lost, undelivered or quality complaint about the product.